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The Community and Economic Development program at the UNC School of Government provides public officials with training, research, and assistance that support local efforts to create jobs and wealth, expand the tax base, and maintain vibrant communities. We deploy the resources of the university to support the development goals of communities in North Carolina. Our partners include local elected officials, managers, economic and community development professionals, as well as regional and state policy makers and development practitioners.

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Our core team includes:

  • Jonathan Morgan, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government
  • Tyler Mulligan, Associate Professor of Public Law and Government and Director, Development Finance Initiative
  • Marcia Perritt, Special Projects Manager, Development Finance Initiative
  • Peter Cvelich, Senior Project Manager, Development Finance Initiative
  • Rory Dowling, Senior Project Manager, Development Finance Initiative
  • Jordan Jones, Senior Project Manager, Development Finance Initiative

The purpose of the blog is to support community and economic development efforts in North Carolina communities by disseminating information about relevant law, policy, and promising practices. Guest bloggers include faculty, research associates, and graduate students enrolled in courses or working with the CED Program. Occasionally, local government staff will provide posts about promising practices in which they are engaged. Contact Marcia Perritt if you are interested in contributing.

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