CCP Awards a Grant of $7,695 for Community Garden in Caswell County

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Will Lambe is the Director of the Community & Economic Development Program and the Community-Campus Partnership.

CCP has awarded a $7,695 grant to Dr. Alice Ammerman, director of the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health and Marian Sadler, a graduate student in Public Health. The grant has been made in support of “Tradition with a Vision,” a project to build a community garden in Caswell County, North Carolina.

The “Tradition with a Vision” community garden is an intergenerational, collaborative project created to encourage healthy eating habits and to build ties between Caswell County seniors and youth. Affordability and limited access to healthy foods often serve as barriers for residents of low- to moderate-income communities. In response to these challenges, the community garden is expected to increase residents’ exposure to fresh foods as well as provide information about healthy food preparation.

“This project will build on existing work with Caswell seniors and youth to create intergenerational connections,” Ammerman says. “Built around sharing the traditional skills of gardening, this project will enable a unique form of mentorship for youth and valuable interaction for seniors.”

Participating youth were recruited from the Caswell County Partnership for Children; seniors were recruited from the Caswell County senior center. Many of the community garden participants also worked together on another collaborative project sponsored by UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health graduate researchers during the summer of 2010. That project successfully met its goals and yielded meaningful relationships between youth and seniors who expressed the desire to continue working together. The Caswell County Horticulture Society will provide instruction to participants and oversight for the project. Lucindy Willis, one of the proprietors and head chef of the Yancey House Restaurant in Yanceyville in Caswell County, has volunteered to lead a demonstration on healthy food preparation and provide space for a potluck dinner.

Will Lambe authored the NC Rural Center report, Small Towns, Big Ideas, and he served as Director of the Community and Economic Development Program at the School of Government from 2009 to 2014.

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