Dillard School Project – Update

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Kendra Cotton is a Project Director with the Community-Campus Partnership Program.

Conversations focused on revitalizing the Dillard School are heating up.

Dillard School

Trip Stallings, a PhD candidate in UNC’s School of Education and former classroom teacher, joined the planning and fundraising efforts already underway in support of the revitalization of the Dillard School in Caswell County.  Though still in the preliminary stages, the December 1st meeting with Commissioner Erik Battle in Yanceyville was another positive step in the planning process.  There is more clarity with regard to community needs.  The core vision of providing county residents with an early college initiative and an outlet for a variety of entertainment and recreational activities has expanded to include in-house, revenue-generating ventures that would provide the necessary support to sustain the project.  Discussions will resume after the holidays.

***In addition to the Dillard School meeting, Erik invited the CCP team (Kendra Cotton, Will Lambe & Trip Stallings) to join him at the county’s annual employee appreciation luncheon. This was a welcomed opportunity for the team to meet and mingle with the other commisioners and government employees in an informal setting. A good time was had (and a hearty meal enjoyed) by all!***

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