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Mr. Erik Battle is a young, energetic, Iraq war veteran who serves as a County Commissioner in Caswell County. Erik is committed to providing opportunities for young people. He is part of an organization that owns the Dillard School, an historically African-American school in Yanceyville. The Dillard School building iteslf is a fantastic structure in need of a new roof (pics coming soon). Erik and others in Caswell envision the Dillard School as the future site of an early college program, community center, recreation facility, movie theater, and general gathering place for young and old alike. We will be working with Erik to assist with the planning and fundraising to revitalize the Dillard School and provide new programming to residents of rural Caswell County. Anyone interested in joining the effort?

Will Lambe authored the NC Rural Center report, Small Towns, Big Ideas, and he served as Director of the Community and Economic Development Program at the School of Government from 2009 to 2014.

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    • Great question. There is a strong interest in a workforce development program (early college or something else) to prepare high school age kids for jobs in the region. There is an interest in recreational programming (sports, aerobics, etc). There is also an interest in childcare. I learn more every time I go to Caswell. Let me know if you’d like to join me on the next trip up.

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