Leadership Forum in Caswell County – Update

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CED Program Interns & Students

Joy Jackson is a Masters Student of Public Administration and research assistant working with the Community-Campus Partnership

On January 7th, local leaders in Caswell County came together to discuss development priorities and opportunities in the community.   Approximately 45 people were in attendance representing five organizations: (1) Caswell County, (2) Town of Yanceyville, (3) Piedmont Community College, (4) Caswell County Schools, (5) Dillard Education and Economic Development Services (DEEDS). The meeting was hosted by UNC’s Community Campus Partnership (CCP).

Brief remarks from representatives of each organization were followed by table top discussions guided by questions developed by CCP.  The questions prompted attendees to explore possible development projects, priorities and opportunities for collaboration between organizations to achieve development goals.  Attendees identified numerous development issues and projects that they believe are priorities in the community including work force development, increased economic development capacity and improving the county’s infrastructure.  Specific projects, such as the development of a new recreation center and the creation of a business incubator, were also identified and possible inter-organizational collaborations to complete those projects were explored.

The meeting concluded with a call for two-three representatives from each of the organizations to join a working group that will continue the dialogue and move projects forward.  The working group aims to meet within the next 30 days.

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