Moving Forward with Promise Neighborhoods

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CED Program Interns & Students

Danielle Parker is a PhD student in the School of Education and CCP Intern working in Lenoir County.

Kinston-NC- The deadline for the Promise Neighborhoods Grant is quickly approaching. The federal grant application is due on Friday, June 25, 2010. Over the last few weeks, several community partners have met weekly to finalize the application process.The weekly meetings have consisted of local partners who have met to discuss local services and ways to provide a continuum of support from cradle to college and career. Partners have  define the area  in which they will focus their efforts for building a Promise Neighborhood. Promise Map

The main focus more recently has been to identify community partners and  to continue to have their commitment to building a promise neighborhood. The partners have spent a great deal of time outlining their services and populations they serve. As a part of the grant application  all partners must be identified. The  partners have committed to working through Wednesday in order to meet the deadline.

The goal of the community is the continue to work towards building a neighborhood of promise and to address the needs of students and families. Through this process the partners have been able to realize they have already been working in areas that provide many young people support from cradle to college and are very excited about the opportunity of the grant.In addition to local partners in Kinston, many UNC faculty have also agreed to focus their efforts in Kinston.

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