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Adam Parker is a Masters Student of Public Administration and a graduate student assistant working with Lenoir County.

After months of collaboration across business, government, and education, the Lenoir County Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Design Team presented a plan of action on December 4.

STEM Design Team Hard at Work
STEM Design Team Hard at Work

The plan calls for a “STEM Hub” that acts as a coordinating agency for the Lenoir County School System. This is a fully staffed physical facility with a director, curriculum specialists, and technological specialists. The purpose is to research and design education modules, test the modules for effectiveness, and then train Lenoir County teachers in best practices for teaching STEM. A particular emphasis will be put on experienced based learning, as numerous community meeting identified this as a major need.

The facility will be housed at the Global TransPark Training Center. This a shared facility with Spirit Aerosystems, who is currently training employees as they gear up for their facility opening in 2010.

The full design plan can be downloaded here. This project was staffed by the Community Campus Parternship, who involved UNC faculty with the group, coordinated documents and input of the design team, and edited the final documents.

Press coverage of the STEM Design Team’s efforts was frequent in Lenoir County. A full cataloging of press coverage can be found in the design document. The most recent press article can be found here.

A community celebration will be held on December 9th at the Global TransPark. Next steps include further developing strategy, time lines, and governance structures.

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