CCP, Lenoir County Project Update: Methane Capture, STEM, and the Beech Center

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CED Program Interns & Students

Adam Parker is a graduate student assistant working in Lenoir County.

The following post provides an update on three CCP initiatives in Lenoir County: (1) a potential methane gas capture facility at the county landfill, (2) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education, (3) a vision and plan for a community center in East Kinston.

Methane Gas Capture

Conversations are continuing between Enerdyne Power Systems and Lenoir County about capturing methane gas from the landfill and piping the gas to facilities in a Lenoir County Industrial Park. At this point, the County Manager’s office is doing further research about vendors who may capture the methane. The Community Campus Partnership played a role in identifying the project and connecting County Manager Mike Jarman with one vendor. A previous vendor had simply told the County there was “no methane” in their landfill, which is over a 1.5 million waste tonnage facility.

NC STEM Community Collaborative

The Community Campus Partnership has also played a role in drafting a STEM redesign plan in Lenoir County Schools. On Thursday, October 29th, over 600 Lenoir County teachers attended a meeting discussing the role of STEM education in their classrooms. The meeting was an overwhelming success and teachers were very excited for a curriculum redesign that incorporates experiential learning. The Design Team in Lenoir County also released a brief summary document of their process to this point, as well as their intentions going forward. An article about the teacher kick-off event can be found here.

Harvey Beech Center in East Kinston

Harvey Beech of Kinston was the first African American to graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Beech also attended UNC’s law school and opened a law practice on South Queen Street in Kinston. Today, there is a replica of the old well along South Queen Street to honor Mr. Beech and his achievements.

While working on the NCSTEM project, the Community Campus Partnership met Nathaniel Vause, who was born in East Kinston and has served his town in a number of capacities. Mr. Vause was a Chamber of Commerce member, a Director of the Kinston Housing Authority, and is Board of Trustees member at the North Carolina School of Math and Science. Mr. Vause shared his vision of a community center to honor Mr. Beech and serve as a training ground for low-income and minority students.

The image below is a rendering of the Beech Center, which would include a classroom, computer lab, and a multi-purpose room.Beech Building

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