STEM Hub, Class Visit, UNC-Best Involvement

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CED Program Interns & Students

Adam Parker is a graduate student assistant working in Lenoir County.

The last two weeks have been full of activity in Lenoir County. This post will discuss the progress of the STEM team over two meetings, the involvement of UNC-Best in the NCSTEM project, and a class visit from the UNC Economics department.


Over two meetings (10/15 amd 10/8), the Lenoir County STEM Design Team came to a consensus to pursue a STEM Hub in Lenoir County. The goal is to create an environment where business, higher education, and K-12 educators can meet to design curriculum, test ideas, and provide additional space for advanced applications (for example, a robotics laboratory). An example of a similar concept is the MIT Fab Lab.

At the meeting last night, Cathy Scott of UNC-Best gave a presentation on common characteristics of STEM High Schools in the United States. She also discussed the possibility of teacher placement in Lenoir County, and fielded STEM related questions from the design team.

This can be a productive relationship for STEM design in Lenoir County and provide hands-on research opportunities for rural STEM education development. Cathy has worked with NASA previously, directing the eClips program. As Kinston explores how to link its burgeoning aerospace industry with its educational system, Cathy will be a great resource for the folks in Lenoir.

Economics Class Visit

Dr. Patrick Conway has arranged for a class visit on November 9th. Dr. Conway’s class has used economic development in Lenoir County as a case study, and students will be able to visit the Global TransPark and Spirit Aerosystems while on their visit.

Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston

I will accompany the class on the visit, and am hoping to set up visits with a few other local businesses, including the soon-to-open Mother Earth Brewing Company. Mother Earth is a microbrewery that sells four different brews, and uses eco-friendly brewing and manufacturing processes (including solar panels on their roofiing).

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