STEM, Methane, and LED Lights

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The following update is related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education efforts in Lenoir County, methane gas capture in Lenoir County, and LED Streetlight replacements in Kinston, NC.

My name is Adam Parker, and I am interning with the Community Campus Partnership. I worked with Lenoir County and the City of Kinston last summer, and am continuing that commitment this school year.

1. STEM – The design committee held a successful kick-off event on September 10th. Close to 200 people attended, including representatives from Spirit Aerosystems and North Carolina State. The event identified a number of community stakeholders, as well as numerous pathways for reform the community can take.

2. Methane – This project is a continuation of efforts that began over the summer. A North Carolina based methane gas capture company expressed interest in the Lenoir County landfill as a methane gas capture capture site. It appears that the company received a significant grant as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and want to make an announcement shortly.

3. LED Lights – Still waiting on the competitive portion of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funding to be released so we can send the application. Currently, the Department of Energy has a request for information before they release their funding opportunity announcement for the competitive portion of funds.

Kinston began a pilot program with five LED light replacements, but expressed trepidation over their luminous output. Deb Lovig of CREE (and LED City) has agreed to provide Kinston Public Services with a comprehensive list of manufacturers that can meet their lighting requirements.

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  1. Adam Parker

    Small update: Davie County hosted their STEM kick-off event last night, and I went as a representative for Lenoir County. The event went well and two representatives for Wake Forest were present to speak about their need for a educated workforce in the biomedical fields.

    The STEM effort in Lenoir appears targeted more towards their emerging aerospace industry. It will be interesting to see how the end product differs between the three design teams (Lenoir, BRAC, and Davie).

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