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Student Corner: The Right Crowd: How Two Entrepreneurs Creatively Financed a Craft Brewery in Asheboro, NC

October 23, 2014

A previous CED blog post analyzed securities law as it relates to crowdfunding, in which businesses use mass marketing and web-based platforms to raise investment capital from many investors in small amounts, with each investor becoming a share owner in the business. Another post described a differe … Read more

Breweries and economic development: A case of home brew

April 5, 2013

Something is brewing in small towns throughout North Carolina. Far outside the city limits of Beer City U.S.A. (also known to North Carolinians as Asheville), craft breweries are opening up in and around distressed downtowns throughout the state. Part industrial facility, part retail space, part bar … Read more

Brewing Up Some Economic Development: Changes to Craft Brewery Laws in North Carolina

July 31, 2012

North Carolina has recently enacted several provisions aimed at increasing the development of its brewing industry. The first North Carolina craft brewery opened in 1985 with Uli Bennewitz’s Weeping Radish brewpub, and the industry has grown to over sixty breweries since the opening of Weeping Radis … Read more