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Student Corner: Land Revitalization and Brownfield Grants

July 23, 2020

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program has the power to transform communities. Since 1995, the federal program has assessed over 30,000 properties and designated 92,000 acres for anticipated reuse. North Carolina has been working in tandem under state statute since 1997, and has i … Read more

Student Corner: Charlotte’s ReVenture Park: Sustainability-Focused Industrial Redevelopment

August 9, 2018

Located on the western edge of Charlotte, ReVenture Park is an underutilized 667-acre industrially zoned area currently being redeveloped by a team led by Forsite Development. The long-term vision sees the site – once occupied by a textile dyeing operation – turned to a thriving hub for renewable en … Read more

Student Corner: From Gas Station to Gastro Pub: The Potential of Gas Station Redevelopment

December 19, 2017

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, more than 50,000 gas stations have closed their doors since 1991, which accounts for nearly 25% of the 200,000 gas stations nationwide. With the advent of hybrid cars and a greater penchant for transit, gas stations are on the decline, wit … Read more

Student Corner: Flexible Opportunities in North Carolina’s Brownfields Program

October 12, 2016

In the past the CED blog has explored the basics of brownfields programs in North Carolina, how they are administered and implemented, and their role in revitalizing communities. In this edition, we’re looking at two innovative facets of the state Brownfield’s program that were developed to better r … Read more

Student Corner: Brownfields Programs as a Revitalization Tool: NC Case Studies

April 21, 2016

Last month the CED blog published an overview of Federal and State Brownfields programs and how these programs can assist in remediating and revitalizing tough-to-develop sites that  are plagued by environmental contamination. This post will provide two case examples of how the US EPA and NC Brownfi … Read more

Student Corner: How to Use Federal and State Brownfields Programs to Accomplish a Community Revitalization Project

March 29, 2016

Learning that a site for redevelopment is affected by real or perceived environmental contamination can be one of the biggest barriers to community revitalization. Brownfield sites, which are defined by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality as “abandoned, idled or underused properti … Read more

Student Corner: Primer on Brownfields Redevelopment

January 15, 2015

The redevelopment of brownfield sites can be difficult. These sites, which are contaminated to some degree with harmful substances usually due to prior industrial use on the site, pose challenges to redevelopment beyond those of a typical project. However, the reuse of these sites can be a boon to e … Read more

Using Energy Programs to Turn Undesirable Properties into Economic Opportunities

June 25, 2013

Local governments may find opportunities for economic development through energy programs and energy installations.  Some communities have even used energy installations to turn otherwise undesirable properties into economic opportunities. The town of Hull, Massachusetts is located on a peninsula in … Read more