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Disaster Recovery Legislation Imposes Building Permit and Inspection Fee Moratorium Effective NOW

October 18, 2018

By a unanimous vote in both chambers on Monday evening (October 15th), the General Assembly quickly approved and Governor Cooper signed legislation appropriating almost four hundred million dollars in disaster relief for communities and individuals impacted by Hurricane Florence.  The full text of S … Read more

Temporary Housing and Zoning Amendments

October 8, 2018

As communities begin the long recovery process in the wake of Hurricane Florence, many residents will need temporary housing. One challenge, though, is the zoning ordinance.  Most zoning ordinances strictly limit manufactured homes and recreational vehicles (RVs). As the Federal Emergency Management … Read more

A Message to Local Governments: School of Government Assistance Available

August 27, 2011

To North Carolina Local Governments Affected by Hurricane Irene: A Message from Senior Associate Dean Tom Thornburg The School of Government wishes to make you aware of expertise among our faculty and staff that may be valuable to you in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Below are topics that we bel … Read more

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Community Ready?

July 19, 2011

Norma Houston is a School of Government faculty member. North Carolina is no stranger to disasters.  Natural events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, winter storms, mudslides, and floods have assailed every corner of our state.  Man-made events such as chemical plant explosions, natural gas … Read more