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Student Corner: The Right Crowd: How Two Entrepreneurs Creatively Financed a Craft Brewery in Asheboro, NC

October 23, 2014

A previous CED blog post analyzed securities law as it relates to crowdfunding, in which businesses use mass marketing and web-based platforms to raise investment capital from many investors in small amounts, with each investor becoming a share owner in the business. Another post described a differe … Read more

Student Corner: 3 Things You Should Know about Social Impact Bonds

August 5, 2014

Recent state and federal-level budget talks often stress that public funding is insufficient to adequately address pressing social issues that prevent capable citizens from fully participating in our economy. However, an emergent, long-term approach to financing social and health service delivery is … Read more

Energy Efficiency for Middle Income Households

March 27, 2012

Glenn Barnes is a Senior Project Director with the Environmental Finance Center based at the UNC School of Government.  A year ago, this blog post highlighted the work done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to drive demand for home energy improvements. The Berkeley Lab staff have now come out wi … Read more