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Student Corner: Public-Private Partnerships: Universities & Private Developers

February 11, 2016

University enrollments are at an historic high and an increased student population requires that universities grow in other areas as well, such as housing and facilities. In recent years, universities have been partnering with private developers to advise and help them manage this growth. Previous p … Read more

Improving Higher Education’s Role in Workforce Development

May 5, 2015

Human capital and talent are increasingly important drivers of regional competitiveness. States and localities recognize that their economic development success is inextricably linked to their ability to cultivate and develop a workforce that has the knowledge and skills required by key businesses a … Read more

Rethinking Higher Education?

March 4, 2014

There are calls from many quarters to reform higher education and make it more accessible, affordable, and relevant in the dynamic, global economy of the 21st century.  A recent study produced jointly by the Lumina Foundation and Gallup reinforces this theme.  The study reports the results from both … Read more

Higher Education, Employment, and Economic Development

February 15, 2013

Recent comments on a talk radio show by North Carolina’s governor has spurred debate regarding the role of higher education in economic development (and, by extension, the role of public funding of higher education). There have been many op-eds and other statements in reaction to those comments, inc … Read more