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Using Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds to Promote Energy Efficiency in the Community

September 27, 2011

Glenn Barnes is Senior Project Director with the Environmental Finance Center based at the UNC School of Government.  This past July, the state issued a letter to notify North Carolina cities and counties of an opportunity to access a relatively inexpensive source of capital: Qualified Energy Conser … Continued

No Legislative Surprises in Community and Economic Development as General Assembly Adjourns

July 20, 2010

Tyler Mulligan is a School of Government faculty member.  Following the 2010 session of the North Carolina General Assembly, local governments will see an essentially unchanged statutory landscape for community and economic development. Some of the highlights are discussed below. What’s the Same Nor … Continued

Using landfills to spur community and economic development

January 27, 2010

Lisa Stifler is a Research Associate with the Community & Economic Development Program. A number of rural counties throughout North Carolina have used local environmental problems and concerns to spur economic development.   In response to closed landfills, escaping methane gas from the landfill … Continued

How do local governments create green jobs? Here’s one idea.

November 24, 2009

Tyler Mulligan is a School of Government faculty member. Have leaders in your community been using words like “green economy” and “green jobs?” What role can a local government play in enhancing the local green economy and creating some green jobs? This post explores one possible role: local governm … Continued