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Student Corner: Lenoir County Career Mapping Initiative Wraps Up

August 5, 2010

Ben Houck is a graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of City and Regional Planning and a CCP intern working in Lenoir County. Career maps available here: Lenoir County Health Care Career Maps In North Carolina, employment growth in the health care sector has helped to buffer losses in manufactu … Continued

Student Corner: Lenoir County Healthcare Career Advancement Study Moving Along

July 22, 2010

Ben Houck is a graduate of the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning and a CCP Intern working in Lenoir County. I confess this is really my third attempt at this, but the lesson remains the same: occupations are complex. A Medical Technologist is not a Medical Technician, I now understand. An … Continued

Student Corner: Mapping Healthcare Occupations in Lenoir County

July 9, 2010

Ben Houck is a graduate of the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning and a CCP Intern working in Lenoir County. What do you think about when you hear the phrase “climbing the corporate ladder”? Is it moving from a mail room to a corner office or from sales floor to district manager? The conce … Continued

Student Corner: Biotechnology Potential in Northeastern NC.

June 25, 2010

Fredrick Davis is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. He is currently working with North Carolina’s Northeast Commission in Edenton as part of the Carolina Economic Revitalization Corps program. As I drive up and down U.S. Highway 17 and N.C. … Continued

Student Corner: UNC City and Regional Planning Workshop on Direct Care Workforce (Final Report)

May 28, 2010

Adam Parker is a Masters in Public Administration alumnus at UNC Chapel Hill. Parker is entering UNC Law in the fall and currently works with Lenoir County, North Carolina. During the spring 2010 semester, Professor Nichola Lowe and several students from the Department of City and Regional Planning … Continued

Making Connections in the Fort Bragg Region

May 4, 2010

Jonathan Morgan is a School of Government faculty member. The School of Government recently assisted with devising a strategy for developing the defense and homeland security (D&HS) economy in the 11-county Fort Bragg region.   The BRAC Regional Task Force will use the analysis and recommendatio … Continued

Workforce development in rural communities

February 10, 2010

Lisa Stifler is a Research Associate with the Community & Economic Development Program. Workforce development is a relatively recent term and concept that has developed over the past two decades or so to describe a wide range of activities and policies related to learning for work.  Typically th … Continued

Student Corner: Workforce Needs for Aerospace Industry in North Carolina

January 21, 2010

Will Lambe is the Director of the Community-Campus Partnership and Associate Director for the Community & Economic Development Program. Last Summer, Regional Technology Strategies prepared an assessment for the Golden LEAF Foundation on workforce issues relating to the emerging aerospace industr … Continued