What @sog_ced is reading on the web: May 2012

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates.

Barry Moltz and Becky McCray’s latest book “Small Town Rules”: tinyurl.com/7zs2zgt

Wilmington NC panel explores the eco-tourism & economic development opportunities of its riverfront & environmental conservation areas: bit.ly/LekpqT

Person County NC solar project as economic development? bit.ly/KByhfH

The School of Government Development Finance Initiative (DFI) recently met with a rural NC community that was courting Chinese investors for a troubled golf course development. Could it be a trend? bit.ly/KQXIK6

UNC Kenan Institute colleague Thomas Stith to look at economic developmentimpacts of NC biomass renewable energy products (hardwoods/grasses): bit.ly/K9rjRz

Proposal for NC to hold a competitive RFP process to determine economic development impact of offshore wind energy production: bit.ly/LaAX5O

Did a company misread Fayetteville NC economic development incentive agreement? Note the difference between capital investment and the taxable value of that investment. bit.ly/L9z8Dj

Gastonia NC no longer requires companies receiving economic development incentives to pay the median wage. The city wants jobs at any wage. bit.ly/JtenBm

Call center CEO says expansion site to be selected on the quality of the local worker pool, the quality of the call center facility, and economic development incentives: bit.ly/JqOF7j

New TSC report looks at the role that community development lenders play in small business lending in NC: bit.ly/KkM9e7

US Department of the Treasury CDFI Fund Report discusses food deserts (low-income areas with limited access to supermarkets) and New Markets Tax Credits—and provides a mapping tool: 1.usa.gov/JP5KUo

Businesses are concerned about a proposal to end the American Community Survey, which provides data that is useful for both economic development and community development efforts: buswk.co/KlB12T

Wake County NC town evaluates whether it needs an economic development director: bit.ly/JbSarz

Atlantic Cities features downtown redevelopment in Asheville NC: bit.ly/L196nA

Commentary for Southern Growth Policies Board by Jesse White about university engagement in economic development: bit.ly/IYExzk

NC community development corporation to use solar panel lease income to fund programs for low-income residents: bit.ly/Iz6FcR

Brewery cluster in Western NC continues to take shape: bit.ly/K44GwE

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