What @sog_ced is reading on the web: June 2012

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates.

  • Will uncertainty over the expiration date of the North Carolina film tax credit jeopardize future film productions in the state? bit.ly/MBrMvz
  • PNC Bank funds economic development efforts in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Primary focus on workforce development for low-income & hard-to-employ persons. Additional funding to go to a feasibility study of an events center. bit.ly/MA2sEP
  • How Hickory North Carolina plans to use brownfield mitigation to promote redevelopment and economic development: bit.ly/MUjMTq
  • Arizona economic development consultant is critical of North Carolina incentives that over-subsidize low wage jobs: bit.ly/LEH5WI
  • Outrageous electric bills for many eastern North Carolina communities: bit.ly/Md6NzO
  • North Carolina State Treasurer Janet Cowell discusses the financial strength of local governments on FOX Business: bit.ly/Md5Qrb
  • Arts and culture industry in North Carolina and economic development impacts: bit.ly/MrOuqn
  • North Carolina county seeks to attract young farmers as part of an agricultural economic development strategy: bit.ly/LszEkW
  • Regional economic development partnerships in North Carolina: stay with them or leave them? One North Carolina county wants to leave its regional economic development partnership (bitly.com/MhyWIC), while another seeks to rejoin the regional partnership that it left (bit.ly/JGlITR).
  • County to disband its Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and seek new economic development organizational model: bit.ly/Lc0FFF. Is this a trend we’re seeing? bit.ly/Lka9yi
  • Developing an economic development strategy? Here’s a detailed trainer’s manual from the World Bank: ow.ly/b9RwL
  • To achieve a unified economic development & redevelopment strategy for greater Durham North Carolina area, is a city-county merger the answer? bit.ly/M7nJdz
  • What is more important: financial or social returns? What is the appropriate organization for a socially-minded company: L3C or B-Corp? Stanford Social Innovation Review discusses the legal and financial challenges of the so-called Fourth Sector: bit.ly/KEAcxY

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