What @sog_ced is reading on the web: July 2012

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates.

University of Kansas program matches retiring rural business owners with graduates from Kansas universities in hopes of finding successors who can purchase existing businesses: ow.ly/cr6KC

Community Benefits Agreement for a Milwaukee real estate development includes local hiring and affordable housing: bit.ly/OWPuQF

Urban farms enhance social capital among residents of public housing in Garner, NC: bit.ly/QoiYgw

How a small textile town, Robbins, NC, is reinventing itself, as featured in USA Today: usat.ly/LIgJhK

Warren County, NC, learns about local foods initiatives in Asheville and Madison County, such as aggregation and farm-to-school: bit.ly/NGpoFF

Is the success of Roxboro, NC, in recruiting businesses explained by its regionalism & economic development organizational structure? bit.ly/LVNIoD

At an event in Wilkes, NC, Appalachian State Professor Todd Cherry describes economic development challenges in rural western North Carolina: bit.ly/MrviZ9

How important is quality of life to economic development and attracting new businesses to southeast North Carolina? bit.ly/P94TSA

Site Selection explains, in economic development terms, why Asheville, NC, is Beer City USA: bit.ly/MnEriP

GigaOM published a four part series on data centers. The first describes North Carolina’s mega data center cluster, bit.ly/L6U4Lz, and the second explains why Google, Facebook, and Apple chose North Carolina for their data centers, bit.ly/MYmL3t.

Durham, NC (#1) leads list of creative-class metros: bit.ly/OQSu5w

How communities have repurposed abandoned Wal-Mart buildings: slate.me/NisICx

Paying off student loans as a way to recruit young people to live in Niagara Falls: bit.ly/NaCvOI

The NC Community Development Initiative offers a youth leadership program, bit.ly/LYjugV, which is one of the recommendations for engaging youth that was made in the CED in NC blog: bit.ly/LNMImf

Data on best performing cities in 2011, including Raleigh at #14: bit.ly/OczkGS

Was “speculation” in local government infrastructure the cause of Stockton’s bankruptcy? ti.me/OcwXE5

Community development strategy in Cleveland involves worker-owned green businesses: bit.ly/N2LmQA


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