What @sog_ced is reading on the web: September 2012

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates.

North Carolina waterfronts continue to lose fish houses and seafood wholesalers: bit.ly/QQWsKc. This SOG web publication describes efforts to save working waterfronts: bit.ly/QANkZW.

Data centers may waste power and bring pollution—are these potential drawbacks to pursuing data centers as an economic development strategy in North Carolina? nyti.ms/OND0BR.

In order to increase wood products exports, North Carolina port facilities have been proposed: bit.ly/NJPsRE

The Atlantic Cities advises on “The Right Way to Turn Art Into Economic Development”: http://bit.ly/NSdJVC.

Handmade in America receives funding for its cultural asset-based community economic development work in Western North Carolina: bit.ly/S4jKk1

Citizinvestor is an intriguing crowdsource funding mechanism for municipal community development projects: slate.me/S2f7kF

Catawba County and local municipalities agreed to cooperate on data center park in Conover, North Carolina: bit.ly/Rp6fG7 (Article from day prior before it was decided: bit.ly/QhMZ0F)

Greensboro considering how to use North Carolina’s new housing code inspections law to target problem landlords for extra inspections: bit.ly/PXX9Ra. CED in NC blog post discusses options: http://bit.ly/GDFSsl.

Another North Carolina county considers the value of its regional economic development partnerships: bit.ly/TMSzsJ.

Op-Ed argues that economic development incentives for retailers ‘make the least sense,’ because retailers just follow demographics: bit.ly/P9g5fc.

Pitt Community College in North Carolina establishes workforce development program that teaches logging equipment operations and life skills together: bit.ly/PXFv2L.

After North Carolina captures a boat manufacturing operation, reshored to the United States from overseas, Rhode Island reviews why it lost: bit.ly/Q1qESp

Report describes health impacts of availability (or not) of decent affordable housing: bit.ly/QGyAwr.

North Carolina economic development tool connects faculty with particular expertise to industries with economic development potential: bit.ly/SKS3uY.

Is North Carolina’s film incentive a good idea?  Comicbook.com reports two sides of the debate: libertarian (bit.ly/NPQvAC) and economic development professional (bit.ly/OgE5ya).

Long-term care for the elderly is a growing economic development cluster as evidenced in Cherryville, North Carolina: bit.ly/OjGDtD.

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