What @sog_ced is reading on the web: August 2013

CED_Icon_for_TwitterThe following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter or facebook to receive regular updates.

Changes at the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Rural Center have been scrutinized by the media over the past month:

  • SOG faculty member Tyler Mulligan describes the new legislation that will transform the way community and economic development is executed in North Carolina: bit.ly/16zKfkB
  • The Rural Center could continue as a leaner organization focused on business loans and leadership training, with other functions taken over by the NC Department of Commerce: bit.ly/155ECJF
  • Article describes views of Secretary of Commerce on the establishment of a public-private partnership with a new nonprofit entity for economic development, the work to be undertaken by the new Rural Economic Development Division at the Department of Commerce, and the importance of minority economic development. bit.ly/17Tjd7o
  • Article describes efforts of new chairman of North Carolina Economic Development Board and its connection to the proposed public-private partnership for economic development. bit.ly/13wWb4w

A major concern of local governments is whether Rural Center grants that were awarded to local governments will eventually be distributed.

  • Some Rural Center grants have been cleared by state officials for release to communities. bit.ly/13SuqTl
  • Rural Center board and state officials are working to release grant funds to awardees. bit.ly/13rPWyV
  • As an example of the concern, Richmond County leaders discuss the fate of a Rural Center grant for a water treatment plant. bit.ly/13h6euq

Interesting look back at New Bern’s 1987 analysis of the need for a convention center and other reuse/ redevelopment opportunities downtown. bit.ly/14TBrVf

SOG faculty member Rick Morse makes a book recommendation on civic leadership: bit.ly/16e97MJ

NPR story: Ruger located gun manuf. plant in Rockingham County NC for local workforce (& #econdev incentives). n.pr/1d2F0AK

Could this be a revitalization model for small towns in North Carolina? Arts-driven revitalization in Paducah, Kentucky: n.pr/1eWIIbB

Our colleagues at the UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) release a tool for comparing data on North Carolina cities: bit.ly/15EaDYt

Promising university-based economic development initiatives: bit.ly/14JqlrR

Article on legislative extension of North Carolina’s special assessment financing tool: bit.ly/14oLUa6. SOG faculty member Kara Millonzi’s analysis of special assessments here: bit.ly/Wt3TMm

Charlotte Observer interview with Charlotte Regional Partnership CEO on economic development impact of this year’s General Assembly: bit.ly/19nF5OS

UNC-Wilmington Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers a one-stop shop for area’s entrepreneurs, including venture fund:  bit.ly/15aOZup

Regional expansion of American Underground to Raleigh: bit.ly/15aJqMy

Venture seeks to crowd-source redevelopment ideas: bit.ly/19Gky7o

Will North Carolina Governor call special session for economic development, energy, and a fracking tax to pay for economic development incentives? bit.ly/18RWlrK

Off-campus college students skew local poverty rates: bit.ly/17VF4wQ

NC Auditor finds deficiencies in administration of the state’s discretionary economic development  incentives program, Job Development Investment Grants (JDIG). bit.ly/11r1EMS

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