What @sog_ced is reading on the web: June 2016

CED_Icon_for_TwitterThe following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter or facebook to receive regular updates.

Items of interest related to CED in North Carolina:

Rural broadband is important but difficult to provide – this is what economic development organizations in Haywood County, North Carolina are doing about it: http://bit.ly/1srgAeS

New faculty position in economics at Western Carolina University to focus on regional economic development: http://avlne.ws/294lFkg

Journal of Tax Credits shares an analysis of the role of concerted community revitalization plans in state Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) allocations (QAP). http://bit.ly/1U9Ld1v

North Carolina Governor McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper discuss economic development: JDIG incentive, state economic development nonprofit, and crowdfunding: http://bit.ly/2918UWp

Should North Carolina still allow H-1B foreign workers to count toward state incentive job creation requirements? http://bit.ly/1tvMQxp

Suburban towns boosting downtowns: http://bit.ly/28OoiaZ. The Development Finance Initiative is seeing the same trend across North Carolina, not just suburbia: http://unc.live/28QCvHT

Close look at state job creation incentives, typically awarded to big businesses in metro areas. http://bit.ly/28PQvha

Other CED items:

Recent evidence reviewed by CityLab: Inclusionary zoning doesn’t drive up housing costs, also doesn’t help very low-income families either: http://www.citylab.com/housing/2016/06/what-we-know-about-inclusionary-zoning-thus-far/485072/

Last month’s edition of “What @sog_ced is reading….” http://ced.sog.unc.edu/what-sog_ced-is-reading-on-the-web-may-2016/

Compiled by Marcia Perritt

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