What @sog_ced is reading on the web: October 2013

CED_Icon_for_TwitterLaw review article on economic development incentives in North Carolina by faculty member Tyler Mulligan: bit.ly/1akGKCO

More details about the future of the Rural Center:

State Budget Director reports that $85 million in existing grants and $24 million in Rural Center assets are to be transferred to state control, leaving the Rural Center with $7 million. bit.ly/1hs49FH

NC Commerce Secretary Decker on the diverted funds: bit.ly/1g9SdaU

An article and a report released this month focused on challenges related to public-private partnerships for economic development in other states, prompting comparisons with a similar model proposed for North Carolina:

Good Jobs First report highlights controversies surrounding public-private partnerships in other states: bit.ly/1eOIHIL

North Carolina’s proposed public-private partnership for economic development mentioned in article taking critical look at private control of economic development functions in other states. bit.ly/H3eauT

NC Commerce Secretary Decker: 15 member board will govern the nonprofit to be at the hub of the proposed public-private partnership for economic development. bit.ly/1g9SdaU

NC Economic Development Board chair promises focus on rural areas with the new public-private partnership for economic development, and says he seeks to capture the value chain for food processing, e.g., seafood, sweet potatoes. bit.ly/1bVlB5l

The seven legacy regional economic development partnerships in North Carolina will be expected to compete for funds in the private fundraising arena. bit.ly/1dVIovf

Economic development incentives:

Which industries should North Carolina chase and which should the state let go? One answer: Chase those with high-paying jobs & solid growth prospects. bit.ly/1dnVEsw

Greensboro makes economic development loan to finance a “shovel-ready” site for industrial development. bit.ly/1d5XHUu

Cabarrus County NC debate over halting cash economic development incentives for private companies: bit.ly/1a7sCsY

Close look at the economic development incentive negotiations between North Carolina officials and Ruger. cbsloc.al/1fbFLsi

Economic development incentive ‘clawbacks’ employed when Spirit AeroSystems missed job creation goals, costing it millions of dollars in incentives: bit.ly/1haPo7a

Crowd-funding in the news:

Raleigh startup to use crowd-funding to bring real estate financing to the masses. http://t.co/qmqShp19P8

SEC issues proposed rules for true crowd-funding of startups: 1.usa.gov/1a2rbeL

Wilson NC whirligig park at the center of downtown revitalization efforts. bit.ly/19d5HeX

Do North Carolina local governments need a model ordinance for regulation of solar farms? bit.ly/HbTTDY

Preservation Greensboro’s annual conference series to highlight economic development roles of transportation, education, manufacturing, and preservation. bit.ly/1g9TleI

NC investing in manufacturing communities: aerotropolis (Triad), textile district (Burke County), and advanced manufacturing training (Charlotte). bit.ly/1haQxeY

A Lesson in Development from the Tar Heel State: bit.ly/GTzJNW

Kinston NC reality show Chef’s Life on PBS tells “subtler story of a rural economic development effort” bit.ly/1aobu3u

NYTimes article: Richmond Awaits a Bold Antipoverty Plan. nyti.ms/1cQ7RIN

Measuring the Impact of Anchor Institutions in Building More Sustainable Communities: bit.ly/19aTEmf

Interesting take on defining downtown: bit.ly/1gjJeUN

Last month’s edition of “What @sog_ced is reading….” bit.ly/1fJgft2

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