What @sog_ced is reading on the web: April 2012

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates.

Announcements of thousands of jobs being created by American companies … outside the US. tspne.ws/JVPuSg

Chicago approves first municipal infrastructure bank – From Atlantic Cities – bit.ly/IvTvgD

Durham NC redevelopment discussed as a model for parts of Washington DC: bit.ly/K05EHF

List of N.C. “qualified census tracts” eligible for boost to low income housing tax credit: bit.ly/IBY7Qj

NC “claws back” economic development incentives from GE when company fails to reach job creation goals. bit.ly/HXLeTP

Distinctive educational programs help produce N.C.’s skilled workforce: ow.ly/aozNL

One community development food initiative ends with close of Durham grocery store, bit.ly/HLYImj, but another begins, bit.ly/HTYsif

Proposed reforms of states’ preferential prop tax assessment for agricultural land uses- Lincoln Institute bit.ly/H610vk

Layout of a city, as relates to major downtown redevelopment projects – from the Atlantic Cities bit.ly/HbFZib

Beaufort Economic Development Director & NC-20 Chair on eastern NC: “There are a lot of people … who don’t think we should grow.” bit.ly/H4VA1P

Interesting concept… New financing – ‘impact bond’ – emerges for social innovation :: bit.ly/GRq7Qa

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