Yancey House Restaurant Profiled on North Carolina Now

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CED Program Interns & Students

Joy Jackson is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration and a CCP intern working in Caswell and Lenoir Counties.

On September 13, 2010, Yancey House restaurant, located in Caswell County, was featured on the UNC-TV program North Carolina Now. The report covered a number of topics related to the restaurant and its connection to the county it calls home. Among them is the story of its establishment in 2005, its economic impact on the area and the site’s  historical connection to community. Additonally, it placed particular emphasis on the Yancey House’s  use of local farm goods and featured interviews with some of the area farmers that conduct business with the restaurant.    

To view the program click here.

North Carolina Now airs weeknights on UNC-TV. The program covers a wide array of topics ranging from the environment, politics and government, statewide education on all levels, the farming community and coastal and rural development issues. The report on the Yancey House was the first installment of the program’s new 12 part series called “North Carolina Rising”.

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