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Student Corner: The CDFI Bond Guarantee Program

January 18, 2018

It is no secret that the struggle to preserve affordable housing and increase economic growth is more challenging than ever. Subsidies are growing smaller and building costs are increasing, making affordable housing more difficult to develop. However, a federal program known as the Community Develop … Read more

Student Corner: 3 Things You Should Know about Social Impact Bonds

August 5, 2014

Recent state and federal-level budget talks often stress that public funding is insufficient to adequately address pressing social issues that prevent capable citizens from fully participating in our economy. However, an emergent, long-term approach to financing social and health service delivery is … Read more

Using Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds to Promote Energy Efficiency in the Community

September 27, 2011

Glenn Barnes is Senior Project Director with the Environmental Finance Center based at the UNC School of Government.  This past July, the state issued a letter to notify North Carolina cities and counties of an opportunity to access a relatively inexpensive source of capital: Qualified Energy Conser … Read more