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  • The Tortoise, the Hare, and Demolition in Historic Districts

    A few blocks from downtown in the town’s historic district sit two houses built in the early twentieth century: the Hare House and the Tortoise House. The houses retain their historic elements and contribute to the architectural character of the neighborhood. While the houses have seen better days, they [more…]

  • Conveyance of Local Government Property for Affordable Housing

    A developer of affordable housing for low and moderate income persons has approached the City and County about an affordable housing project near the City’s downtown. The developer’s plan is to acquire and assemble two adjacent parcels—one owned by the City and one owned by the County—and then develop [more…]

  • Notice and Hearing Requirements for Economic Development Appropriations

    As discussed in a prior post, Session Law 2015-277 requires North Carolina local governments to issue notice and hold a public hearing prior to approval of any appropriation for economic development pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 158, Article 1, “The Local Development Act of 1925.” Local governments [more…]

  • Development Finance Initiative: Rebuilding North Carolina one town at a time – Southern City

    This article was originally published in the November/December edition of Southern City, as “Rebuilding North Carolina one town at a time.” It is reprinted here with permission. Towns across North Carolina are attracting investment and rejuvenating historic properties with the help of the University of North Carolina School of [more…]

  • How a North Carolina Local Government Can Operate a Land Bank for Redevelopment

    If America’s cities and towns are to realize their greatest potential as attractive and welcoming places—and as drivers of the new American economy—they must be able to repurpose their vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties. Those properties—whether the product of the current foreclosure crisis or the remnants of the old [more…]

  • When May NC Local Governments Pay an Economic Development Incentive?

    News outlets regularly report about the latest company that was lured to North Carolina through the payment of a cash economic development incentive by a local government and the state. Local government cash incentives often take the form of an annual cash payment to a company that is contingent [more…]

  • Using Historic Tax Credits to Transform a Landmark

    After sitting empty for twenty odd years this abandoned department store was in need of a total transformation.  The property had a solid foundation, a beautiful facade, and held rich memories for the locals, but behind the broken/boarded up storefront was a building begging for a wrecking ball.  The [more…]