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Student Corner: Land Revitalization and Brownfield Grants

July 23, 2020

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program has the power to transform communities. Since 1995, the federal program has assessed over 30,000 properties and designated 92,000 acres for anticipated reuse. North Carolina has been working in tandem under state statute since 1997, and has i … Read more

Student Corner: How to Use Federal and State Brownfields Programs to Accomplish a Community Revitalization Project

March 29, 2016

Learning that a site for redevelopment is affected by real or perceived environmental contamination can be one of the biggest barriers to community revitalization. Brownfield sites, which are defined by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality as “abandoned, idled or underused properti … Read more

Student Corner: Growing Federal Support for Sustainable Communities

July 16, 2010

Aaron Nousaine is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. He is currently working with the Land-of-Sky Regional Council in Asheville through the Carolina Economic Revitalization Corps (CERC). Over the past year, the three federal agencies most dir … Read more

Recommended Book on Collaborative Governance

May 11, 2010

Rick Morse is a School of Government faculty member One of my primary research interests is the emerging practice of collaborative governance. I  have recently blogged about some of my own research on the topic and am happy here to recommend an excellent book I have recently read. Professor Carmen S … Read more