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Improving Higher Education’s Role in Workforce Development

May 5, 2015

Human capital and talent are increasingly important drivers of regional competitiveness. States and localities recognize that their economic development success is inextricably linked to their ability to cultivate and develop a workforce that has the knowledge and skills required by key businesses a … Read more

Student Corner: Workforce Development Dollars — Has your community cashed in?

December 18, 2014

In North Carolina, workforce training programs are primarily delivered through the 23 local, workforce development boards or through the state’s 59 community colleges. Most economic developers will be aware of these resources but may not know some of the programs these providers offer or the creativ … Read more

When Energy Efficiency Programs Are About More Than Saving Energy

September 25, 2012

Government-backed energy efficiency programs provide opportunities for all types of buildings to reduce their electricity consumption and save money—from single family residences and affordable housing facilities to small businesses and industrial plants.  These same energy improvements also have po … Read more

Rural Community Mobilization: Collaborative Workforce Strategies Aimed at Jobs

October 4, 2011

Anne Bacon is Senior Director for Workforce Development at the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center. “Green, do you want a job?”  Kehoni Green had just crossed the stage at Nash Community College’s graduation when he was approached by the chief of the Nashville Fire Department.  The training and c … Read more