What services are available from DFI?

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Michael Lemanski

Michael Lemanski is Director of the Development Finance Initiative (DFI).

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DFI services support implementation of local community and economic development priorities that require private investment. DFI can be thought of as an extension of a local government’s finance, planning, economic and community development departments. DFI services include:

  • Real estate finance and structuring, including identification of investors, lenders, tax credit equity sources and other partners
  • Advising on public-private partnerships and development incentives
  • Assessment of distressed properties
  • Creation of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to attract private development into underserved areas
  • Development of small business finance programs
  • Assistance with pre-development including program design, market assessment and valuation, cost assumptions, and pro forma creation
  • Evaluation of development proposals, agreements and contracts
  • Assessment/review of development team experience and capacity
Michael Lemanski (7 Posts)

Michael Lemanski is Director of the Development Finance Initiative (DFI).

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