6 Responses to “Building savings among rural low-income families”

  1. Lisa

    This was an informative and succinct a description of an IDA’s Pros and Cons — I will be directing others to it in the future. Thank you.

    I don’t know if this is an appropriate place for this or not but … here in Moore County we are building an IDA program and are hiring someone to make it happen.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your excellent post. We are currently operating a new, internet-based website called SaveTogether.org that highlights IDA savers from around the country.

    While we are currently profiling savers working with programs in some of the larger urban areas in the U.S, I strongly agree with your comment about the need for rural programs to leverage partnerships. We also believe that rural programs may be able to use websites like ours to raise the public’s awareness about their excellent work. While a rural program may not need to have its own robust website, using a site like ours could raise their profile to a national audience.

    As we expand, we look forward to working with more and more rural programs.

    Thanks again for your great post –

    Founder, SaveTogether.org

  3. This is great information. Urban and rural funding is so important and often undervalued. Kids need resources to be on track from an early age. I’m going to have to look into SaveTogether.org and do some additional research on IDA’s. Thanks for putting this piece together.

  4. Lisa Stifler

    For North Carolina, the two agencies involved in the statewide IDA effort are the IDA & Asset-Building Collaborative of NC (http://www.ncidacollaborative.org/) and the NC Department of Labor (http://www.nclabor.com/ida/ida.htm).

    Both websites have information on programs in the state and contact persons. However, I do not know how up-to-date the information is. Because of differing funding sources, not all organizations implementing IDAs are listed on both websites, so to be thorough, you’ll want to check both websites.

  5. Hi Lisa, this is an interesting concept to me as I am based in the UK, we don’t have programs like this in place and I think there is a growing need for it. We in the UK are embarking on a massive spending cut program over the next 4 years which will likely see unemployment increase while at the same time schemes such as child trust funds (where each new born child is given £250 trust fund which becomes available at 18, with the premise that it will encourage parents to save into it as well) are to be scrapped.

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