Yanceyville Creating Opportunity With New Amphitheatre

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Melvin McDermott III is a graduate student in UNC’s  Master of Public Administration program and a CCP intern working in Caswell County.

One local official exclaims “Now, I can point to something in Yanceyville for our residents to do on the first Friday’s of every month”.  First Friday’s is the name of the new event series in Yanceyville.  The series is held at the new Amphitheatre and it began in May 2010.  A variety of entertainers have come to do free shows and the attendance has been great so far.  Yanceyville’s Amphitheatre is perfectly located near plenty of parking with open space to put up lawn chairs, blankets, or simply walk around.  It is also just a quick walk away from nearby downtown restaurants.

While the First Friday’s series is a fun event designed for pure enjoyment, the series also builds awareness of the new Amphitheatre itself.  The public will increasingly have the opportunity to utilize the facility as Yanceyville moves to allow other groups and activities to occur during certain parts of the month.

Town Administrators expect a good amount of entities to express interest in using the stage for various events.  Eventually, sponsors will be able to advertise their businesses and services during the events as well.  Town leaders also expect for groups to contact the Mayor or another member of the Board with reservation requests. This is what happens when something new and exciting comes to town.

The public can expect a specific set of procedures for requesting use of the site.  A Community-Campus Partnership intern will be developing the formalized Amphitheatre Usage Policy in conjunction with the Yanceyville Town Council.  Other towns with similar facilities have been quick to explain how such policies change overtime to adjust to increasing demand.  However, two things are certain at this point:

1)  The Usage Policy will inform interested parties of the rules and procedure for renting the space.
2)In the end, the stage will be a great opportunity for families, businesses, and local residents to enjoy for years to come.

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