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Student Corner: Foreign Investment in North Carolina

September 25, 2014

Foreign business attraction is in the news this week, with North Carolina Department of Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker returning from a recruitment trip to Japan aimed at bringing an automaker or other manufacturer to build a new plant in North Carolina. As part of this effort, the state has alrea … Continued

Student Corner: A Look Inside the Privatization of NC’s Regional Economic Development Partnerships

September 4, 2014

In the 2013 State Budget Act, the State of North Carolina voted to defund North Carolina’s regional economic development partnership and to dissolve the four “rural” public partnerships, including the NC Eastern Region, Advantage West, the Southeast Regional Economic Development Partnership, and the … Continued

Student Corner: Re-visioning the Research Triangle Park: How Innovation Districts Are Inspiring New Approaches to Local Economic Development

July 17, 2014

North Carolina recently received attention in Tom Ashbrook’s On Point segment discussing “innovation districts”. In this episode Bruce Katz, vice president at Brookings, references the Research Triangle Park’s Master Plan when describing this newly-coined approach to endogenous economic development. … Continued

Student Corner: Supporting Entrepreneurship in Beaufort County

July 3, 2014

In April, Rick Morse wrote on this blog about local councils, common purpose, and collaboration, and particularly the role an organized council can play in bringing common purpose to a collaboration. Quoting Mary Parker Follett, an early scholar of organizational behavior, Morse writes that “when pe … Continued

Student Corner: The Need for Place-Based Interventions in Economic Development

June 19, 2014

This post reflects on the keynote presentation at this year’s “Reinventing Older Communities: Bridging Growth and Opportunity” conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, which was delivered by Dr. Raj Chetty, Professor of Economics at Harvard University and one of the principal i … Continued

Acquiring real property for redevelopment—can local governments keep it confidential?

June 17, 2014

The town of Renewville wants to improve the look of its downtown Main Street, which is pocked with poorly-maintained commercial buildings. The Mayor has had his eye on a few key properties on Main Street, which, if redeveloped, would transform the look and feel of downtown, perhaps spurring addition … Continued

Student Corner: Waste Not, Want Not: Local Financing Options for Renewable Energy from Swine Waste in North Carolina

May 6, 2014

Eastern North Carolina is home to the densest industrial swine farming activity in the world.  The pork production industry is foundational to the eastern North Carolina economy, accounting for 11,821 jobs and over $200 million in wages (UNC Chapel Hill, 2013).  This activity comes with a cost, howe … Continued

Student Corner: The Potential Impact of Baby Boomer Housing and Community Preferences on Downtown Revitalization

April 17, 2014

Downtown redevelopment to attract talented Millennials has become an important and popular economic development policy in many cities across the country. By now it is almost common knowledge what it takes to attract talented Millennials to your town or city: walkable, diverse and vibrant neighborhoo … Continued

Student Corner: Less Consumption, More Production – Energy Efficiency Programs

April 10, 2014

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about climate change and the effects of high energy consumption. No matter what your stance on the subject matter, the data concerning energy consumption and the cost of supplying its demand throughout North Carolina is shocking. A 201 … Continued

Student Corner: Strong Cities, Strong Communities: Rocky Mount, NC

April 3, 2014

The White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative is a new approach to economic development support at the federal level that combines funding and hands-on technical assistance services for distressed communities across the country. Rocky Mount, NC was recently named as a … Continued