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» Lessons for CED from Europe: Housing, Job, Food, or Fuel Poverty…All Roads Lead to a Social Inclusion Model » Lessons for CED from Europe: Inclusive Communities and a New City-Run Food Pantry » How Should We Measure Community and Household Economic Conditions? » Making the Case for Affordable Housing: Using BLS Statistics to ask Hard Questions About Salaries vs. Local Housing Costs » Current Positive Economic News? Cheer, Then Take a Breath and Look Deeper at the Divided NC Economy » Understanding the Tools Available for CED Professionals: How Far Do NC Local Governments Go in Social Media Presence? » Is Your Local Community Partner Ready To Go? » Live Long and Prosper: Does CED Impact How Long We Live? » Capacity Matters For CED, Part 2: News For the NC Food Industry and Farmers » CED Winners and Losers in the Same Space: Income Inequality in North Carolina » You say you want “Big Data” for Community Economic Development, but are you ready for it? » A New Blog from the NC Department of Commerce for Community and Economic Development Professionals » Three Headlines, Two Futures for North Carolina? » Do Your Local Economic Development Plans Depend on the Middle Class … in China? » Where in NC are the Most Distressed Communities? According to New Report, Look to Urban Areas » Local Government Associations are Cautiously Optimistic about Economic Growth for FY 2014-2015 » Who’s Moved Out and Who’s Moved In: Exploring Housing and Migration Data Using a New Data Resource—Carolina Demography » What’s Going On With the Federal Budget? A Review of the Basics with a Focus on Housing and Economic Development Programs » Does Your Community Have the Capacity to Undertake Community Economic Development? » USDA Projects in North Carolina Mapped » Community Reinvestment Act Communities Identified » New Western NC Food Policy Council Sets the Table for Community Economic Development » Is there an economic “meal gap” in your community? » Economic Impact of NC Summer Foods Program

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