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CED and Affordable Housing: How Does Manufactured Housing Fit In?

October 18, 2022

This headline from last week would naturally grab the attention of any CED professional: “Affordable mobile homes are disappearing in Asheville; code change could bring some back.” Housing is a basic issue for anyone interested in CED. Behind the headline are a host of issues that both foster hope i … Continued

Hidden in Plain Sight

January 9, 2018

Mobile homes are a vital but generally unloved part of North Carolina’s affordable housing stock. They come to public attention in times of extreme weather, particularly high winds and floods. Their condition and location make them especially vulnerable to damage, and often their occupants – the eld … Continued

The Birth of a New Federal Water and Wastewater Financing Program — WIFIA Arrives

January 24, 2017

What is WIFIA? WIFIA stands for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, the name of the federal act that authorized an interesting new federally managed water and wastewater infrastructure funding mechanism. WIFIA includes both direct loans and a new credit enhancement/guarantee mechani … Continued

Student Corner: Hope through Housing: A Model for Addressing Pressing Community Challenges

August 4, 2016

In the Town of Carol-Blue, Donny, a local community developer, finds himself in a really tough position. Both the county and city budgets are constrained and the challenges the town face economically seem only to grow in size. After performing an analysis of senior housing demand, he realizes that t … Continued

Student Corner: Brownfields Programs as a Revitalization Tool: NC Case Studies

April 21, 2016

Last month the CED blog published an overview of Federal and State Brownfields programs and how these programs can assist in remediating and revitalizing tough-to-develop sites that  are plagued by environmental contamination. This post will provide two case examples of how the US EPA and NC Brownfi … Continued

Student Corner: How to Get a Grocery Store: The Greensboro Cooperative Approach

July 8, 2015

Previous posts to this blog looked at food deserts and development finance tools that can be used to address food deserts. This post provides an in-depth look at the story of a cooperative grocer in Greensboro that aims to eliminate its neighborhood’s food desert and spur economic development.. The … Continued

Student Corner: Redevelopment Case Studies of Victorian-Era Psychiatric Facilities

May 28, 2015

Earlier this month, a post on CED in NC provided an overview of the redevelopment of Victorian-era psychiatric facilities.  Many historic psychiatric institutions throughout the country have closed, leaving large, architecturally significant buildings on vast campuses behind. The redevelopment of th … Continued

Student Corner: New Markets Tax Credits: The Process and Key Considerations

April 9, 2015

This blog post is a follow up to the Primer on New Markets Tax Credits. This is the second in a series of posts that seek to provide detailed information on the NMTC program and process. The Process The flow chart below  illustrates the basic uses of funds during a New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC proj … Continued

Student Corner: Primer on New Markets Tax Credits

March 19, 2015

New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) are mentioned in several other blog posts, but normally as part of a list of various development financing tools. This is the first in a series of posts that seek to provide detailed information on the NMTC program and process. Background The NMTC program was enacted b … Continued

Student Corner: Town of Hillsborough: Special Assessments (Part III)

March 13, 2014

This post is part of a series (Part I here and Part II here) on the Town of Hillsborough’s implementation of special assessment project financing. Part II mentioned the lengthy process to coordinate the thoughtful deliberation of the town’s policy. So far the series has differentiated the special as … Continued