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» Report: The Unintended Consequences of Housing Finance » How to Use Federal and State Brownfields Programs to Accomplish a Community Revitalization Project » Town-Gown Development Partnerships » Connect Home: Bridging the Digital Divide » Tools for financing development in revitalization areas: HUD Multifamily Loan Products » Solar Powers Economic Development in NC » Pedestrian Tunnels: Connecting People with Communities Part II » New SEC Rules Play to the Crowd » Public-Private Partnerships: Universities & Private Developers » As Walmart shutters stores, what’s next for small towns? » Pedestrian Bridges: Connecting People with Communities » Behavioral Science in Local Government » Millennials Entering the Real Estate Market » The Economic Impact of Downtown Courthouses » 50 Years of HUD: Rental Assistance Demonstration Program » Commenting on the NC Qualified Allocation Plan » 50 Years of HUD: Choice Neighborhoods » Primer on Low-Income Housing Tax Credits: 2015 North Carolina Qualified Allocation Plan » Design Thinking » Coastal Dredging in North Carolina » New Rules on Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits, and Where Credits are Due » Traffic Impact Analysis: Reducing the Uncertainty of Development » Downtown Schools & CED » 50 Years of HUD, and the Next 50 Years » So what’s the big deal with Micro-apartments? » How a Local Government Loan Can Make a Revitalization Project Possible » The Downtown School » Can you feel it Coming in the Air? Rural Economic Development and Wind Farms » Off the Tracks: Development and Railroad Rights-of-Way in North Carolina » Getting Schooled: Creative Reuse of Historic School Buildings » How to Get a Grocery Store: The Greensboro Cooperative Approach » The Relationship between Infrastructure and Private Investment » Teacher Housing in North Carolina » Civic Crowdfunding » Can Community Ownership Eliminate Food Deserts? » Museums as Community Development: Whiteville, NC » Redevelopment Case Studies of Victorian-Era Psychiatric Facilities » Leasing Historic Tax Credit Property to Local Governments: Disqualified Lease Rules » A Thousand Acres and Half a Million Square Feet: Redevelopment of Victorian-Era Psychiatric Facilities » Exploring Form-Based Codes » Leveraging anchor institutions: A new land bank model in Chapel Hill » New Markets Tax Credits: The Process and Key Considerations » Easing the Federal Excise Tax on Brewers » CDFI Profile: The Support Center » Primer on New Markets Tax Credits » Hospital Employee Benefit Program as Neighborhood Revitalization Tool » Taking a closer look at low wage workers in North Carolina » CDFIs and Small Business Lending » Farmers Markets’ as a Tool for Economic Development and Healthy Food Access » CDFIs and Affordable Housing

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