Local Government Actions to Promote Sustainability: 2010 National Survey Results

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John Stephens is a School of Government faculty member.

The following is taken from James Svara’s introduction to an International City/County Management Association (ICMA) survey regarding local government efforts to promote sustainability.

The 2010 survey, the first of its kind, undertaken by ICMA in cooperation with the Alliance for Innovation and supported by the Global Institute on Sustainability at Arizona State University, measures how and to what extent local governments are acting to promote sustainability.  Over 2,100 local governments indicated whether they had adopted each of 109 specific actions. These can be grouped into 12 major activity areas. These areas and the percent of actions being implemented by local governments in each are listed here:

Major Activity Areas

Average Percent of Activities Used

1. Greenhouse gas reduction and air quality 11.8
2. Water quality 28.1
3. Recycling 33.3
4. Energy use in transportation and exterior lighting 22.3
5. Reducing building energy use 19.2
6. Alternative energy generation 6.8
7. Workplace alternatives to reduce commuting 7.7
8. Transportation improvements 22.4
9. Building and land use regulations 11.9
10. Land conservation and development rights 14.8
11. Social inclusion 20.8
12. Local production and green purchasing 17.6
Average utilization rate across all activity areas 18.1


For the full article, see: http://icma.org/en/Article/101112/Local_Government_Action_to_Promote_Sustainability__A_Preliminary_Examination?pub=2&issue=&utc_source=Academic+Matters&utc_medium=email&utc_campaign

For ICMA’s Municipal Year Book 2011, see: http://bookstore.icma.org/Municipal_Year_Book_2011_P2129C19.cfm


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