What @sog_ced is reading online: June 2019

The following are articles and reports on the web that the Community and Economic Development Program at the UNC School of Government shared through social media over the past month. Follow us on twitter or facebook to receive regular updates.

Items of interest related to CED in North Carolina:

The newly formed Charlotte Journalism Collaborative will take an in-depth look at Charlotte’s #affordablehousing situation over the next year, including possible solutions in new zoning and planning tools, and new ideas for funding affordable housing. Read more here: https://t.co/MqWtKM3ioT

This opinion piece celebrates Greensboro affordable housing approach: “first community in North Carolina to establish a permanent community of tiny houses.” Read more here: https://t.co/TA8z9ofkXN

Other CED items:                                   

This Institutional Investor article asks, “Is Anyone Actually Investing in Opportunity Zone Funds?” Read it here: https://t.co/fZCvllXw7i

Here is an optimistic but thoughtful look at the potential of Opportunity Zones for operating businesses as “second wave” (after real estate investment in OZs is saturated in first wave). https://t.co/CKl5K1TkcX

DFI Online:

City of Kannapolis and DFI release solicitation for public-private partnership to develop residential area in downtown. https://on.wsoctv.com/2FEvxDa and http://bit.ly/2IXsKas.

DFI presents its market analysis to Wake Forest town board. http://bit.ly/2Ylan4D

Gastonia’s progress in its FUSE district is described. The center of the district is the City’s new public stadium and event center (DFI is not involved in the stadium, which is a public project and will remain under public ownership). As described in the article, DFI is assisting the City with attracting private development around the stadium. http://bit.ly/2FH1Y3V

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